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can you ever start well?

February 17, 2007

this, in so many ways, seems like too little too late, as the dramatic things have been happening around the wagen house for quite a while, but if i never start, i’ll be 90, my teeth will be sitting in a cup by the bed, and my friends will still be telling me that someday i should write a little about what is happening. not that i have any expectation of being quite this busy at 90, but i guess there’s no telling.

so here we are, the wagens, and if in some future time you’re reading this and wondering who we are, we’re just a little family that really likes hot breakfasts, warm fires, time to talk and drink coffee or beer or fuzzy water, and enjoy people.

and starting is o-so-awkward, as there’s really no way for me not to feel like a dope for a while as i do something so essentially self-centered. i can’t write about you. i have to write about me.

and that’s enough to make me quit.

or not quite. we’re going to move to the east side and we’re going to build a really cool house (i am trying to sound like an overeager 7th grader), so if you want to see a picture…well, i just had to delete because i’m not savvy enough to insert a picture in here. bummer. it wasn’t that great anyhow.

we are on the cusp of some very interesting developments. i hope that this will be an outlet into us and what comes our way.