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keeping it real [or going]

February 25, 2009


i continue, in the non-blogging life that i now lead, to do things that i think make sense in relation to building, conservation, and quality.  which means… i just bought old filing cabinets to use as planters on the roof patio, once i spray paint them cool colors (the orange of the counters and bright white) and waterproof them a little.  i am cooking from scratch again, with creativity and very little fanfare.  everyone is just happy to eat scones multiple days a week again.  we are eating lettuce out of the front planters, and mint is featuring mojitos and tea.  looking forward to pomegranates, meyer lemons, keffir lime leaves for curry, and thyme in our potatoes in the coming growing season.

i am also looking forward to filling the other bedroom on the second floor with a new child, our daughter-to-be from ethiopia, who will surely shake things up.

life on the east side is so many things, and so hard to capture in a way that isn’t trite or overly summarial.  we have dear friends now who are neighbors.  there are women i have cried with, who are happy to have a friend to listen and care, and  i am only too aware of how little pain & sorrow i have known.  it seems somehow wrong that i should be the one to hear, and yet i am here.  people come by now and ask about our house, and they have no idea… the history, the pain, the problems, the drugs, all gone now.

we take frances on walks, wave at our neighbors, play tennis on all the eastside courts (feeling very conspicuous), chat with the librarians, and visit our friends.  we have really moved, in so many ways.  and still our need, my need, for all the ties i had before, to people who cared about me and understood me, are even greater now.  the last nine months has shown me that i am not alone, and i can’t be alone.  i am who i am in relation to my family, and this building, and this life move, weren’t about the house (i knew that) but about people.  i am so glad to finally have time to do nothing, because having nothing to DO means i can call my friends for coffee and play cards with corin & ari.

or read out loud.  i’m getting a lot of practice.