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here’s my frustration lessening…

March 21, 2007

well, so, i am kind of slow to learn new things and not say that i can’t do it. i don’t know what mental tick i have there, but things are looking up. this is a friend and i about to get creamed by the natives, even though we did have one goal from further than midfield.



going down to mexico.

March 21, 2007

well, ah, i ain’t so good at getting over my fears about not knowing where to start with blogs. for the first problem, i am an involuntary (but very happy) linux user and i can’t quite figure out how to upload photos. so everything is better with pics and i can’t get it right. but maybe by the time this post is done being edited into oblivion, i’ll have figured out how to show you a little of mexico.

so i just spent a week in the lovely town of salamanca, which is in interior mexico, north of mexico city. interesting things about salamanca: has the largest refinery in all of latin america, run by pemex; was repeatedly described to us as a small village but i think has about 500,000 inhabitants; no one there worries about taking a siesta/really long lunch midday. this, i know, is not unique to salamanca, but everytime i’m in mexico or costa rica i wonder why we don’t have this habit here.

the notable things about this trip: the seniors we went with (matt k. & i) were great, and there were only 8 of us. we were so content to watch them have weirdly serious and intense conversations while managing to paint a huge! room and each other over many hours.

it was as if we got to take them all to europe, as we visited guanajuato, built by the spaniards in the 1500’s, and it looks a heck of a lot like the winding streets of southern germany or switzerland. except that everyone was speaking spanish. i gave a mini-soapbox about studying abroad in college… it was a great time, and the first time any of the 8 had seen anything like it. except the one who’d lived in england, but even she hadn’t seen this before.

so, mexico is great. going is great. but i don’t want to go down and never come back, because austin is where we’re supposed to be. things are moving along on many fronts here, but that is fodder for another post.