can you ever start well?

this, in so many ways, seems like too little too late, as the dramatic things have been happening around the wagen house for quite a while, but if i never start, i’ll be 90, my teeth will be sitting in a cup by the bed, and my friends will still be telling me that someday i should write a little about what is happening. not that i have any expectation of being quite this busy at 90, but i guess there’s no telling.

so here we are, the wagens, and if in some future time you’re reading this and wondering who we are, we’re just a little family that really likes hot breakfasts, warm fires, time to talk and drink coffee or beer or fuzzy water, and enjoy people.

and starting is o-so-awkward, as there’s really no way for me not to feel like a dope for a while as i do something so essentially self-centered. i can’t write about you. i have to write about me.

and that’s enough to make me quit.

or not quite. we’re going to move to the east side and we’re going to build a really cool house (i am trying to sound like an overeager 7th grader), so if you want to see a picture…well, i just had to delete because i’m not savvy enough to insert a picture in here. bummer. it wasn’t that great anyhow.

we are on the cusp of some very interesting developments. i hope that this will be an outlet into us and what comes our way.



One Response to “can you ever start well?”

  1. christy Says:

    now that i am home, i thought i would comment on your new blog page and initiate you to the joy of blogging.

    i miss you already. thank you so much for being my family.

    *hugs & kisses*

    (and grace & peace)

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