hi. hai. high?

so, we were walking home from karate yesterday at the pan am cultural center near our house (i was riding my bike alongside corin in his white karate uniform)… and a guy walking the other way makes his hands into a triangle as he passes and says ‘hai!’. corin looks down at his shoes sheepishly and says, ‘hi.’ quietly. to the ground.
i start laughing out loud and the guy is laughing behind us… i tell corin, ‘hey, you know he was making a karate joke… hai?!?!?’ and corin looks up at me, a little consternation etched into his face, and says, ‘oh, i thought he was high.’


on another note, we were riding our bikes home from the library today along 2nd street, and ari swerved and ran into the back of a parked subaru. he hit the back windshield with his forehead and the entire thing shattered (amen to tempered glass). we spent the rest of the day in the e.r.



2 Responses to “hi. hai. high?”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Oh my gosh! How’s his head? Stitches?

  2. Kerin Says:

    i love the english language…it’s so ridiculously complicated, and makes me laugh a lot. i’m sitting in my language acquisition class, so this was perfect to read. you described it well; i felt like i was there.

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