a deluge of images

because i just am too busy living.  it’s tempting to apologize, but this epic thing was an epic building, and though life on the eastside is fascinating and quite the adventure, i am going to be cooking and reading and planning spanish lessons for our kids (or english lessons for others), which is to say not writing online.  for the moment.

the recoup process for our fam is including lots of people and lots of laying around reading out loud.  but we’ve managed to take a few pictures to show what has happened in the past 6 weeks…

the front yard.  and a shed… i’ll get a better picture too.  it really now has a metal roof and cypress siding.

the ‘living room’.

the ‘kitchen’.

the picture to compare with earlier posts to see just how much we’ve managed to put away since april 18th.

our kids are getting their life back…

the playroom/linen closet/laundry room/office/landing sans people.

view 2.

our bedroom.

our bathroom.

well, part of our bathroom.  and here’s part of the other 2nd floor bathroom.

the rest of bathroom #2.  (there is a third on the first floor.  no picture of that today.)

how we get up and down.  this was taken standing in the middle of the playroom/laundry/office/landing.

roofers.  i mean sons.

where the roofers sleep.

where our semi-permanent houseguest sleeps.  the cork on the walls he put up himself.  !

el nido:  occupied and fitted out with books, featherbed, trinkets, and some pillows.

deck transformation.  this is before and after all in one shot.

the decking sealer’s assistants, who read the gospel of mark and harry potter 3 out loud to be nice.

we really use this space.  as evidenced by the constantly moving constellation of chairs, stools, firepit, and tables.

thanks for taking a tour.  as has been said before, we’ll happily give a real tour in the real world.  find us and ask for coffee.


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6 Responses to “a deluge of images”

  1. Toblerone Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! But seriously – don’t apologize for not posting. Do that whole “real life” thing.

    I really, truly cannot wait to see it in person. Can I come over for coffee? Say, mid-Novemberish?

  2. Marge Says:

    Thank you for the “after” pics. The yard looks amazing. I love the mis-matched kitchen chairs. You are an insoiration to me as I have been in “finishing” mode lately trying to complete the many projects I’ve started.

    I haven’t been in TX in years but next time I am I’ll look you up. 🙂

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Hmmm… that picture of the shed… I seem to see something…

    Ah, yes. The rippling tricepts, the snide grin, the toothpick… a vision of manliness.

  4. Jonathan Says:

    Hmmm… the comments won’t allow the posting images. Too bad. Here’s the URL:

  5. Sharon Says:

    Where are you in the world? Great pictures and love the container pool!

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