sure, i can learn to do something new.

first, you dry fit the pvc.  then use the purple stuff, then the glue that’s a heck of a lot like rubber cement.  1/4 turn, push, hold, and a pipe is done.  working hard this weekend, in hopes of floating in lovely chlorinated shipping container water.

ari & corin put together a ladder.  and below is a shot of the shed foundation.  taylor has been working hard-ish…

the north end of the pool is all done by 9:30am!

and the furry observer doesn’t quite know where to go or what to do.

all the equipment waiting to be installed.  the surroundings are hilariously incongruous.

and here is breakfast outdoors, where the south side of the house (the utility alley) is finally holding all its utilities in a nice row.  by the end of today we had all the pool plumbing done, and stopped running pvc between the heater/pump/filter because we ran out of 1 1/2″ corners.

today is our 11th anniversary, so we won’t be in the side yard fitting any more pool plumbing tonight… we’ll be riding izip electric scooters around downtown (!!?!?!?) because taylor is doing product review.  i’m pretty excited.


4 Responses to “sure, i can learn to do something new.”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Gosh, do you ever sleep!?! ;o)
    How cool about the scooters too. Happy anniversary!

  2. Leah Says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Jonathan Reibsamen Says:

    Will you leave the sides all industrial-looking, or cover them in treated wood, or recycled glass, or milk jugs or something trendy like that?

  4. sunee Says:

    happy anniversary to you too. crazy that it has been 11 years! We just celebrated our 8 year anniversary on the 3rd. That was the day Ade was at the doctor’s office though so no real celebration yet. take care and miss you.

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