not quite eden… but we’re planting.

and cleaning and taking pictures and puzzling over the pool.  first off, let me say that we have decided to plumb the pool ourselves.  this seems like a big decision to me, but i guess after reading all that i’ve written here, i shouldn’t be surprised.  i don’t know how to plumb a pool.  i didn’t know how to build a pool either, so i guess i’m even?!?!?  i think i may draw a diagram right now with the gimp to show what we’re going to do…

p – pool or pump, f – filter, v – valve, h – heater.  the one thing not on this diagram is the mosquito infestation:

i mostly wanted to take this picture out of the back window (on the bench by the fireplace) to capture how bad it looks, because someday very soon (hopefully in the next week), we will have a pretty pool that is useable for actual swimming instead of just skimming, and the murk will be a distant memory.  so there it is.

other happenings:  all the wardrobes have handles.  none of the windows have stickers.  the beds have clean sheets.  we eat vegetables.  we potted succulents for a houseplant.

we have an entry sequence.

[as long as the kids aren’t the first ones in the door, because they stop on the mat and then it’s all over.]

our playroom is a playroom, and the really nice window only has a music stand in front of it.

the yard has the beginning of a succulent/cactus garden.  blue limestone is covering the mud/dirt, and there is also the beginning of an herb garden.  fun.

on a completely different note, we are in the thick of working on our adoption paperwork.  headed to san antonio saturday to be fingerprinted by the feds, and when the pool is cleaned, i’m going to invite the health dept. over to check us out.  i think it would be best to wait until then…  for those of you that know us, thank you for praying.


One Response to “not quite eden… but we’re planting.”

  1. Kim Says:

    My friend, it’s looking really great. The finishing touches are really making a huge difference! I love the yard 🙂 And you’re free to come do ours next!

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