when life hands you friends….

be thankful and have lots of parties.

which is why this outlet for creative writing and green building and urban moving/living has been lame lately.

additionally, i would like to say that breadandcircuses.com, the great site moderated by my longtime best friend, has moved here.  that meant a lot of computer upgrades & changes, and now one computer doesn’t let me insert pictures into the blog, and the other doesn’t let me upload from my camera.  i could have just stopped trying and browsed the non-porn parts of the internets through b&c, but instead, i kept trying.  and then people would stop by and i’d drink a cup of coffee or glass of beer with them, another day would go by, another chapter of harry potter & the chamber of secrets would be read out loud, and then i’d try again.  and then more people would come by (or home: there are 6 people here now), and so, well, i took over a week to figure out that i can just use BOTH computers and end up with a post.

this is a front fence, with plants.  we have been buying baby plants and planning the yard.  we were thinking about a grapefruit tree, but can’t find one.  our neighbors have an orange, but we really don’t want to have a high-water tree, and the oranges don’t shine like floridians anyhow, so we’re looking at pear (but need two…no space?).  if you have a great suggestion, we’d love to hear.  it will go to the left of the house, and to the left of some clumping bamboo we hope will grow 50 feet to the left of the window.  things have been planted all around, front and back, including an herb garden with thyme, st. john’s wort, rosemary, & lavender.  flowering shrubs, succulents, grasses, asparagus fern, phlox, mexican sage, etc.

this is the pile of blue limestone and decomposed granite that is very very very slowly getting moved around the yard.  we have about 3 feet of paths done.  can’t complain here, as i’m no help at all in that area.  i just tiptoe around the pile as i take out recycling and park my bike.

speaking of bikes, after many days and weeks of not much down time, but lots of great moments, some quiet and some crazy, taylor and i went on a long date, and it involved bikes.  which was perfectly relaxing and funny, since it was really really hot when we started, but hey, we were biking and not in a hurry.  we went to big red sun, looked at cool plants, then biked across the freeway (underneath) and to the ginger man.  dogfish ale is really a tasty beer.

from there we headed to the ridiculously colorful and unaffordable anthropologie, where we bought a clearance dress and a lot of handles…

crystals for the laundry closet

and handles for the wardrobes in our room.  the green ones are for me and the orange flowery ones are for taylor.  they had to match, ish.

this is the slowly clearing downstairs, which means that the colors are starting to stand out more and more.  the painting has turned out well, and the yellow complements the space and doesn’t feel too overwhelming (unless, i guess, you don’t like yellow).  another picture:

the table is being filled; piled; cleaned; used for way too many laptops, reading the paper, doing school, unpacking farm to work produce; sat upon; and complemented.  there are billowing piles of golden fur blowing beneath it pretty much every day.  we can’t keep up and dobby broke, but we’ve heard we have a magical defurinator coming in the mail from parents, so maybe then the tile will be fur-free…

probably not.

the beds are being used as couches and retreats, every room its own little nook and place to get away from the crowd.  i think the outdoors will eventually have a few retreats as well, but not yet.  it’s boiling out, says ari.  there are lots of piles of lumber and dirt and no places to sit.  but we’re working on that too.  like everything else.

the scope and diversity of conversation happening here is too much to capture, but if i let it come over me in waves, happening as i sweep, fold, cook, parent, and smile (or cry), it is pretty amazing.  not able to be captured in a neat box, it’s more than i can summarize.  and attempting creates in me the sense that i can’t keep up with it all, yet i’m sure that isn’t my job.  i’ll just keep on being here, eating and answering the phone and laughing at the days and people.

appreciating them all.

none of it was happening here last fall.  amazing.


3 Responses to “when life hands you friends….”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Wow! So amazing. I can’t believe we still haven’t been there. It’s so fun to at least see pics, so thanks for going through all the trouble you did to be able to post. :o)

  2. Toblerone Says:

    Good to hear from you! I love seeing the photos. Would you take a pic of the entire house from the outside sometime? I’d really like to see it.

    Chickpea and I were doing a puzzle the other day, and we came to the last part that was missing a piece. She said, “Oh, that piece is at Ari’s house.”

    What the?

  3. Kerin Says:

    how about an avocado tree? here’s another picture. Good luck getting started;)

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