watch news8 for the good pictures, but we didn’t lose any windows or trees. you?

we just had a lot of pecan detritus in our yard and a growing awareness of how much we really need stone and landscaping, as the entire lot (however small it may be) around our house was mud.  sticky, stick to your shoes, dark, black mud.  and the water doesn’t all exactly drain to the street, because we haven’t completed the grant-last name withheld site design plan yet.  so… i spent this morning, post breakfast made by the lovely houseguest cassy, calling for rock prices, labor prices for dirt moving, and pool equipment plotting [again].  i then waded in the mud, moved metal, loaded the car, and recycled, shopped for culverts, plants, fire ant poison (they are everywhere and i don’t care that i’m using chemicals), and bought 3 tons of blue limestone.  whoa.

all the doors are up, in every room.  the piles are receding like the ocean at low tide (but there are still tidal pools of unorganizeable !??!?).  the smallest members of the family are learning things again, on the order of spanish vocabulary, times tables, and electronics.  tomorrow i will have another photo shoot (i’d do it now, but the amex bill is calling and i hate flash), but suffice it to say that every day has its work but every day has its successes.  like all life, there are days when i wonder what in the heck i did (trying to get ari to tell me the story of sleeping beauty after reading it three times and frustrating me for an entire morning), and days when i marvel that God is allowing us to be a part of this completely wacky adventure (that would be the almost-homeless woman coming to lunch with tara after we picked her up on our walk).

i really want to live to serve and not to be served.  i hope i’m working to that end.  it feels chaotic and exhilarating a la misma vez.


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