ahhhhhhhhhhh, finally.

reflections on the cupboards.

this only means you can see the state of disarray of this newly minted urban casa, but at least you’ll be seeing.  pictures to follow are from various stages of finishing and finished, though if a room looks good one day, the finishing of the adjacent room usually means that chaos will soon reenter the serene neatness.

we had our parents (my in-laws) in for the weekend, and i had the amazing juxtaposition of eating at ruth’s chris downtown, walking by the bats back to the four seasons, and then being driven in the four seasons car back to our house.  weird.  but fun.

and i am also cooking again: a return to creative edible art.  bubbling on the stove right now is okra and chicken gumbo from a savannah restaurant cookbook, sans shrimp but with sausage instead; beef, green chile, and potato stew; hot chocolate with vanilla (that was taylor’s deal); freshly stewed chicken; and there’s a huge bowl of shredded cabbage for coleslaw to go with the gumbo for dinner, using a recipe from the lee brothers southern cookbook, winner of the james beard award this year.  i think i’ll also make cornbread…

part of all this cooking is the arrival tonight of two houseguests, one for the entire summer and another for 2 weeks now and 3 weeks before school starts in the fall (around a long trip to mexico).  just when the house wasn’t unpacked and the pool wasn’t done and the cork wasn’t hung up, but really, who need to be done with jobs to have people around?  there will always be jobs, but opportunities with people don’t wait around.  so if you want to see a really wacky house, check back tomorrow, because i think i’ll have to take pictures of how much more full the house has become.

our room.

the mobile without a home.

looking from the playroom/laundry room/office onto the landings.

bookshelves in the stair tower (with kenyan wooden animals)

the backporch in a constant state of disorder.

the newly painted beer closet/laundry room doors, which will be hung this week.

the playroom.

saturday dinner.

the benitez welders making our construction site into a home. !


2 Responses to “ahhhhhhhhhhh, finally.”

  1. cheryl Says:

    wow! crazy cool!

  2. Marge Says:

    I’ve been green with envy all along but this? is too much. It’s all so beautiful!

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