due to technical difficulties, this program has been made pictureless.

but i have lots of stories to tell. first, after a very fun second wednesday girls night on the east side, which involved cranium and certain flowery purses concealing jack daniels, i was invited to the neighbors porch to sit and drink a beer at midnight. which i did, tho all i can think about lately (it seems) is how tired we are. it was a great time with great conversation, and i’m thrilled for the beginning of friendship, which it was.

i took pictures of various things around the house. piles mostly. as in: piles of papers, piles of receipts, piles of clothes, piles of various !?!? we don’t know where to store, piles of broken down cardboard boxes, and the four cans i had in the pantry that we don’t want to eat (baked beans, tuna, 2 cream of mushroom soup) that i made into a sort of cairn/table centerpiece because the dirty table was getting a bit ridiculous. monday of this week i thought i would be really busy watching pool equipment get set and doors get painted, and well,…………… it’s friday, and still the pool is a potential malarial swamp, but today the fence got ripped down and the planters and welded wire began to replace it, and the painter came and did all the doors, so now the first floor is indeed yellow. sorry the pics aren’t really here. technical problems.

additionally, this week was a return to the juggling of errands, school, cooking, shopping, and trying to squeeze adoption paperwork around an already full life. i am trying to get our homestudy updated to reflect a move, older kids, a new house, and get us reupped with the us citizenship and immigration people, and how annoying it is to work with the federal government. ! i could go on and on, but ahhhh, you’re all there at times too. so, we (on the other end of the spectrum from rushing around) had time this week for people. and i think that’s kind of the strange part of life of late, that our life was always full of people here and there, and now that it’s coming back, but i’m not quite done, it feels somewhat like a three-ring circus (no barnum joke intended there) with the potential for being late in paying the bills because of too much tea or beer or talking. we saw band of heathens this week (all right), sat out on the roof patio an entire evening and drank new nxnw black ale while pitching pecans onto the neighboring abandoned building’s metal roof (excellent), ate dinner at the enoteca on so. congress with visiting floridian parents (excellent), and stayed up a few times a little too late to finish organizing the understairs and coat closet/wardrobe (worth it).

i find it very strange to start in again on paper chasing for ethiopia, since so many things have finally come to a close. it is a part of our collective family life (and the life of those that love us) that is very incomplete. part of me thinks and knows that it’s just par for the course, and all the data gathering is just that, and the other part of me starts to quail in the light of so much time left to wait, so if you happen to see me, give me a pep talk and tell me you’re praying for our daughter. and then please do pray. adoption has got us going this week: taylor was talking about how unexcited he is emotionally about her, in the same way he completely lacked emotion during pregnancy, but the thought of another person to love and care for, in addition to the horribly large number of kids without parents, makes all the labor pale. i am planning to be my normal driven self and get done with stuff as quickly as i can, but i can’t exactly call the environmental inspector when we have lumber in the front yard and an unfiltered shipping container in the back, now, can i? so i’m going to try to be reasonable and do what i can. that’s the way things happen and get built and survive, and if this house hasn’t taught me that, well, i don’t know that anything can.

an excerpt in perserverance, absurd and true: cork. how to hang it up, if perchance you are a paint hater who doesn’t want to use drywall? spray adhesive? no good. liquid nails? no good. we really did try those. the one cool picture on the blog was of the piece that got more that one very expensive spray can of spray… so, what to do? call every store. talk to builders. find out that a ceiling tile mastic would work, but no dice in the home d, nor mccoys, but bmc, they tell me, oh, yes, they have it. so after a few weeks’ interim (other things going, right?) i find myself near bmc, go in, and …………… o no. don’t have it. won’t have it. maybe try lowe’s? and the guy is knowledgeable, helpful, and says to look for other alternatives. he was like an encyclopedia of glues in a motorized cart. so i try lowe’s, and after five conversations with five employees, i find myself on the adhesive aisle, which, as we’re entering, the man tells me, ‘we don’t have that,’ and presto, there it is. 3.5 gallons, under $50, why didn’t i just come here first? people have asked me this week how i built. where did i learn, did i read books, etc. and i think that story is about it. i just didn’t quit and kept asking, and entire days went by (weeks really) with little progress until the problem seemed small and easily solvable because i’d learned enough and enough options had been eliminated. needless to say, we haven’t actually tried the mastic yet (meant for plastic wall paneling in restaurant kitchens) but i think it’ll work.

this has been a pretty random post.


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