they turn, spin, wave, create shadows, yet stay intact, all the parts relating to each other. as i have made and hung mobiles, i have always thought about edith schaeffer’s book what is a family? and her analogy – we are meant to be relating to one another in the context of family the way the parts in a mobile interconnect – each piece its own separate work of art, each piece moving separately and independently, but in relation to circumstances (the wind, usually) and the other parts of the mobile.

the past year and a half has been such a tremendously trying, challenging, rewarding, taxing, hair-raising and nerve-wracking adventure. and now our old life is back, except that it isn’t. because taylor is now the pastor of a small church plant (along with wonderful jeff), we live in a completely different neighborhood, our kids are older (and different, and i can’t go back and give ari the 1/4 of his life that was such an abberation), and frankly, i don’t know what lies ahead. i’m now the mother of two young men, who at the moment are recovering from hand, foot & mouth (it sounds horrible doesn’t it?), preparing to adopt from ethiopia, acclimating to a community that is both american and yet so hispanic that i can speak the language i really love every time i walk out the door.

i have thought about bringing the epic to a close, slowly, and with a lot of progress pictures along the way, as we finish the little things. would you like a list? i’d kind of like to make one, because it would prove to me (at least) that there is nothing major left to accomplish…additionally, and this may be a major social fox pass, i’m going to be doing a calculation of how much of taylor’s hard earned money i actually spent (i know, i know, i can take credit for some of the money too), so this whole thing is set in some realistic context. but i haven’t done that yet. i’m working on the washer leak and the fire ants and the kid virus and learning to use the dishwasher.

to do: hang cork in 3rd floor bedrooms. track down a new painter to finish doors, and get them painted. get remaining doors/trim done after previous items are accomplished. plumb, equip, clean, and fill the pool. (that may all be one call and one guy!). landscape. kill fire ants. remove rabbit cage from back porch. call in final pool inspections after i get a new light (low voltage). paint stair handrail. poly birch. get oak boards to transition from wood to tile in bathrooms. seal tile (pretty much everywhere). seal cypress decks. get front fence/planter things built and then plant in them and park on our land. build shed. clean stickers off windows. get a door to close off el nido from the boys’ room. buy a lot of doorknobs and hang them in boys’ room.

but hey, doesn’t that sound like a slow list? who cares if it takes until june? (and oh, baby, it will) i think it may even be august, but we’re here. 4 months minus one day from groundbreaking on the piers to moving in was crazy. we’re hoping for a little less craziness, so i’m going to be baking scones, cooking beans, making frozen lemonade, drinking coffee, reading out loud, reading silently, exercising again, praying, sitting and looking at the trees, and thinking about family. i think interesting things may keep happening around here. so i’m going to keep writing, but not so much, and hopefully not so faithfully at 1am. (although tonight i’m right on schedule)

corin is already shopping for land that we can build on for other people. but i’m temporarily retired. at least from full-time building. though what a weird thing to have more than one option when people ask me what i do. ‘builder’ doesn’t feel quite right, but how weird that it’s true. retired builder is more like it.


2 Responses to “mobiles.”

  1. Toblerone Says:

    Please keep blogging. But you may slow down if you like. 😉

  2. Shaun Fox Says:

    I just wanted to say that I’ve been keeping up here for a month or so, and I think you guys are so cool! Congratulations! We are so happy for you!

    We miss seeing you guys.

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