a million apologies, and a story [a rather lengthy narration, if my independent coffee shop time lasts]

ok, i have 15 minutes with my teeeny pc, so here goes.  i’m in buellton, california, for the wedding of one of our best friends, which we’ve been waiting to attend for the last, oh, 11 years.  we got here tuesday, after a morning of flying, which was preceded by 2.25 hours of sleep.  this is because we had to pack for this trip out of boxes, because while everything we own, including a lot of crap we really shouldn’t own, got shoved into our urban treehouse over the weekend, it really wasn’t organized or unpacked.  no surprise.

i wrote a post on thursday am or wednesday pm.  i hadn’t called in all our final inspections, because the computer wouldn’t let me.  i go downtown bright and early, after watching emma, and think i’m in for a day of nervous waiting while i play settlers of catan with ari.  hardly there, mr. julio pulls up in his official truck, and i do a quick sweep – counters shiny, i have my flip-flops on, and my official papers are laid out for inspection.  after waiting a minute, i walk out to the truck and say hello, julio….  i start to tell him sorry, he tells me just a sec, let me look up all your permits, and then asks, ‘so, why didn’t you call in final building?’

‘well, i tried, but the city says i need a water tap inspection and so it wouldn’t let me, and i left a bunch of messages at the water utility and’

‘water tap inspection?  don’t you have water already?’

‘yea.’ ?

‘listen, what’s your goal today?’

‘i want to move in…?’

‘ok, let’s just go have a look around, and i’ll see what i can do.  i don’t think you need a water tap inspection.  but let’s see the house first.’

we start walking across the street, through the chain link fence, and he says, ‘i think you should be done today.  i’m going to see what i can do, and i think i’ll be able to get this all done for you today.’

i am at this point inwardly freaking out.  so we start walking around, he looks at things, i grab a pad of paper and start seriously jotting notes – 3 things to fix on the first floor.  i’m not feeling so good.  but then we get all the way to the nest with nothing else, and then he says, ‘what is this?  can you go get the plans?’


but i play it straight, tell him the truth [it’s on some plans, not on others, the house changed right before we started building and i didn’t go back to the city, and the whole time i was getting the plans, ari’s telling him about his secret passage.  julio knows full well he loves it and what it is.  i get back, trepidation in my heart if not my steps, and tell him…

and he says, ‘so, what do you call this?’

there is seriously a twinkle in his eye.

and i say, ‘what should i call it?’……………………..’attic?’

‘no, it’s conditioned air.  how about storage?’

‘mmm, storage.  yes.  great.  storage.’

and that was the end.  a little chatting about the door we need to put in, and then we walk downstairs together.  he leaves to his truck, telling me he’ll go pass everything and then have me call in the rest so i’ll be done, and as he walks out the door, i just start sobbing.  oh, god, thank you that i am no longer a builder… i’m just a mom again.  i was completely overwhelmed.

to abbreviate, since my coffee shop time was truncated, is that taylor picked up our certificate of occupancy, we moved 95% on friday, the rest sunday, our other house is empty, and we have seen the sun rise and set through our windows.  we are elated, tired, grateful, and amazed.


4 Responses to “a million apologies, and a story [a rather lengthy narration, if my independent coffee shop time lasts]”

  1. Marge Says:

    I’m almost crying reading this. God works in wonderful ways, yes?
    Hope you’ll keep blogging as you decorate and settle in.

  2. cheryl Says:

    wow! yay! ;o)

  3. Krista Says:

    Congratulations Brooke. I’m so happy for you. KM

  4. Ilsun Says:

    I’m sad to see you guys go but that is totally awesome. Congratulations!

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