you never can tell with days.

who would have believed (at 6:30am) that i would spend ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL day on the phone trying to find a store in town that sells bosch tankless hot water heater venting parts.  there was a kit at lowe’s, with only one 90 degree angle, and wouldn’t you know that only bosch venting can be used, and the water heater is mounted where it can’t vent straight out the wall, because 3 2×6’s are holding up a very large beam.  so i went looking for parts, and… none. really. talked to pretty much every plumbing supplier (all the ones bosch lists on its website) and every one our plumbers could think of, called bosch 800 number i think 3 times, discussed, chatted, theorized, consulted with carpenter tim, and at the end of the day, nothing. no venting. i was playing hangman with my right hand and calling to price other brands with my left, attempting a solution. that’s a lot of money ($1200.). or perhaps go to lowe’s, where we bought the water heater, to buy maybe 3?!??!? kits they sell to vent this water heater, for the bargain price of $260. apiece. what a lame day. i lay down in the dirt on the front porch and found this view,

which was amazing, and i thought that really, a solution would come along. meanwhile, tim spent all day rerouting our range hood vent so that it is high enough, which involved siding, blocking, electrical, sheathing, insulation, and drilling. and vaccuuming. he finished at 5 too. i didn’t really finish anything, since i hadn’t managed to get anything done. and right around 3, our realtor/next door neighbor calls to ask if we can close this friday. meaning the old house would be empty. but nothing is done today, save heating and a/c.

plumbing, not so much.

building (all the necessaries, like stair handrails and sheathing bottoms of the stair landings), not so much.

general sense of the whole thing really not being under our control, immense.

that wasn’t meant to be an amex commercial. speaking of which, i need to write less and go pay that bill, so the long story short is that we told him there’s no way we can close, but then we were offered monday. who the heck knows? can we call inspections thursday? will we pass enough to get a temporary co? can we move over the weekend? what about the freaking hot water heater venting?

so we make a list, send mom, corin, and ari on a date to cazuelas and cafe mundi to eat and play cards and generally not have to eat, sleep, and breathe house, and we head to lowe’s to see if perhaps we can look at one kit and maybe just suck it up and buy 2. only $600. better than buying another heater. we have this big list, thinking tomorrow we should try to knock out all the necessaries, and after a few light bulbs and a stop to order shiny brown paint for the banister rails, we head to appliances, where i really, really immediately tell him, smilingly but really incredulously, about my day. all the calls, to stores and bosch and even lowe’s, and that no one helped me. and then he says, ‘oh, yeah, well, there isn’t really much to see, since i don’t keep that kit in stock.’


big breath.

and then, ‘well, sometimes i get returns here from people that buy them at other lowe’s stores, so let’s go look.’

walking, walking, arriving, to a shelf that says $57. and there are 3 of these almost free official bosch hot water heater vent kits:  the magical number we couldn’t stomach because it would be about the same cost as the heater itself, but really the number we needed to get enough elbows to actually vent it per code. no surprise that we bought all three.

i must also say that i have no idea what tomorrow will bring. the water heater may be vented easily and in due time, and then again, it may not. but we stocked up tonight with great intentions of working hard yet another day for the goal of getting to the ‘hood.’



One Response to “you never can tell with days.”

  1. Kimmie Says:

    Brooke!!! Craziness. I want to give you a big hug!

    In the mean time, please let me know if you need help with anything. Packing? Kid-watching? Cleaning? You name it.

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