crying. in a good way.

so i was up til 2am (don’t miss last night’s must-read post) and we dragged ourselves out of bed, thinking that we need to make a list to get ready to move (like the day i got ready to apply to build but didn’t own the property yet), and i am walking downstairs when taylor comes running with my cell phone.  it’s sam, the city electrical inspector, who says, ‘hey, i’ve been thinking about your house this morning, and i think you may need to file an extension of work on your pool, so the permit doesn’t expire.  and i don’t know about that light… is it low voltage?’ so we talk, and i tell him that i am planning and hoping to call finals for tomorrow, and he says, ‘o, well, you need to have passed your electrical final before you can call the rest of the finals, so you just need to call that in and i’ll take care of it and get it passed for you.’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  this city doesn’t do same day inspections.  but he is.  because he called to check on me and so……………wow.  if you ever deal with inspections, you’ll really know how blown away i am.  i think just having read this blog for 6 months will give you a pretty good idea.  i was crying at the computer as i looked up all the codes to call in.  amazing.


One Response to “crying. in a good way.”

  1. Kimmie Says:

    Wow – I TOTALLY know how you feel. I just about lost it when we finally passed our gas inspection. Way to go!!

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