5 hours of sleep sound good? anyone? anyone?

we had this idea, sunday evening, as we drank a bottle of wine at the hip winery cru near our suburbanite home, that we should prioritize and stick to the essentials monday morning.  only work on things crucial to calling for our final inspections.  which meant that i sat with my office at cru and wrote lists, but depending on if you personality is like mine, you may understand that this can be a freeing and calming and ordering sort of process.  my list was:

mail taxes

call:  electricians, mechanical contractor, plumber, mccoys, painter, shower glass company, plastic people (backsplash)

pick up backsplash

figure out where corin is taking ITBS tuesday and don’t forget to take him

ok, so monday morning i first thing (after waffles, while my mom is doing the dishes) call the shower glass people.  plumber called during breakfast to ask for a meeting because he can’t vent the water heater.!  they never ordered the glass.  after a little incredulity, i switched to the contractors i had previously rejected and ended up getting better glass for $100 less that i was going to, and the other ones weren’t even going to stick to their price when it came down the line.  so no glass for 2 weeks.  2 weeks, you say?  don’t you need to be done in 2 weeks?

yes.  so i call tara and ask her to solve my shower problem.  do what you can, i don’t care what it looks like, but make those showers work, i beg.  you do have free time, right?  no sweat.  she buys a lot of pvc, some corners that are three way, and promises to get shower curtains the next day.

in the interim, i called all the other people, left messages, found out that my wrong size hobbit door from mccoys can be remade, they’ll pay, but it will be next week.  i’ll be in california next week………….. so they’re giving me the money for pro-carpenter tim to remake opening, and by evening, that door is set and trimmed, and only needs a handle.

i find out that the painter really is never going to call me back, so mccoy’s is going to start fighting for me.  but who needs paint?

i realize i really need to call a wallboard inspection, but that means the slats have to be done on the ceiling.  we always have people over on monday nights, and i teach an english class, but we make a pact to finish, even if we stay up all night (it was 1 when we went to bed).  we finished, but after a lovely dinner of tacos and chips & salsa on the roof patio with 7 friends, my mom, corin, ari, and a beautiful view.

i made the window in the bathroom with the chadelier unable to ever be opened again so that we could vent the water heater.

and we figured out that the hole for the range hood is so low that we won’t be able to cook a pot of beans on the stove if we set it into place, and that!!!!!!!!!!! took a few turns around the block for me to get calm enough to see that the cheapest, easiest thing to do is remake the hole, move the vent, and pay tim to be expert carpenter, so we can use the vent hood we have, bought already, and like.  i almost drove off to ikea half cocked in rush hour traffic.

but though the stress is getting to me occasionally, i am still smiling.  thank God.  it is absolutely ridiculous to be trying to finish in 4 months on my first  (and super-weird) house, but here goes.  it’s tuesday morning, bright and early, and i have no idea what today holds.  i’ll let you know later.


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