the little family that could… with friends and mom.

this is my visiting mom, who really didn’t want me to take a picture of her with one of taylor’s old shirts on, but she was stuck. she stained (some with me and some with a passerby we hired named johnny) 216 2x2x8′ slats to antique walnut gloss perfection, artisinally, of course. when you study the ceiling, you will see artisinal drips that drip upward, and very very intentional variations in color. the overall effect is quite breathtaking, or horrible, depending on how you feel about seeing through the ceiling…

here are some other pictures from around the house that show it all coming together.  other stories to tell, maybe another time when there is time…. there is a plumber coming over and yada yada yada.

this is my office.

a piece of window trim.

wish i could post more, but i can’t.  17 days left to go – we have be to in by 4.30.08.  stay tuned.  i’ll probably be a horrible writer between now and then.


3 Responses to “the little family that could… with friends and mom.”

  1. Kimmie Says:

    Brooke (and family and friends):
    This looks sooooooo good! I love the shiny orange counter top in your office pic. Very pretty 😉

  2. grant Says:

    Looking good Mom and Wagens. Keep up the good work…I should be into the remodel by the end of April as well, hopefully starting to move in after next weekend.

  3. Marge Says:

    I’m really liking the ceiling look – goes nicely with the “see-thru” plastic paneling. The variation in color looks good – I’m sure it goes with the variation in the flooring.

    Interested to see what window dressings you will choose.

    Your sink fixtue is the very one I’ve had my eye on for a while now 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to share your progress (no idea how you do it)

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