hey! you know any rich white people that want to buy some belts?

[and other weird stories from standing in the front yard and staining 2×2 slats with my mom]

well, yesterday tim was asked very nicely if he wanted to buy a jackhammer out of the back of some dude’s car as we stood in the front yard working, and i was very glad (as i’m not usually glad) that the gentleman assumed i was unimportant since i was a girl.  tim politely declined the jackhammer.

later yesterday, as the sun was setting behind the house and batch 5 of 18 (12 8-foot slats per batch) was getting finished up, 2 guys walk by, and one calls out, ‘hey! you’re a carpenter!  look! (to the other dude) it’s a female carpenter!  i didn’t even have to speak.

mostly the plumbing is done.  i took some lovely photos of the baths and kitchen, but then i left the camera at that other house i almost live in…  the city came and turned the electricity on, then other city people came and turned the water on, so last night we used the toilets!  washed our hands!  turned on the water just for fun!  tested the instant hot water dispenser by the sink!  we left on front porch lights when we went to dinner.  and i vaccuumed on the second floor without running an extension cord in from outside the front of the house.

and then today, more slats, prepping for a renovation of the downstairs ceiling, where all the trusses will be ‘covered’, and this has even been ok’d by the electrical inspector.  i love playing it straight.  it is seeming to serve me well so far through the inspection process.  tim finished trimming out all the windows and doors on the first floor (i’ve got pictures of that too). so… we’re working, my visiting from albuquerque mom and i, the boys playing around, writing newspaper articles and such, when this guy walks by with purses on his arm, belts around his neck, holding an heb bag i assume was also full of belts.  and he seriously called, ‘hey, you know any rich white people that want to buy some belts?  i’ve been trying to sell these all day and it seems like the only people that want to buy them are rich white people.  do you know any that want to buy some?’

‘no, i don’t.’


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