retraction: the pool is in great shape. [and other photos]

well, i think there are a few people who think the pool might have rusted. it hasn’t. i poured a gallon of bleach into it today to kill the mosquitos, and otherwise things are looking good in the backyard. taylor spent all sunday afternoon installing the pool light, but, well, it’s done now.

pictures are worth much more than words, so here goes. there is a lot to see:

the first floor has been cleaned up and random lights are now waiting for ceiling slats.

recycled first floor bathroom light fixture.

the stairs now glow.  thanks kayla.

it’s so clean i was running up and down stairs in bare feet.  and then i lay down on the roof deck and just felt the sun beating into me.  it was great.

maybe it was really great because of all the rustoleum enamel i breathed today?

my view lying down.

the glowing nest.

finished floors, polycarbonate paneling, ceiling fan, and a displaced origami mobile.

and a little japanese art on a scrap of birch.

i spray painted clear coat enamel on 2/3 of the roof patio railing, tim showed me pictures of his plans for window & door trim, franklin the electrician (and his nameless associate) finished hanging all the fixtures, labeled the circuit box by breaker, and discovered that exactly one wire got cut in the last 2 months. they’ll be working on fixing that tomorrow…

many thanks need to be given to tara and kayla and susan, who have all worked in the past few days to make life sweeter and work shorter. the entire second floor was finished with tung oil in less than an hour sunday afternoon by kayla and susan, and then we polyurethaned every stair, all the bracing pieces, and finished the landings with tung oil. wow. it was a long day, but it ended with the incredibles and haagen-dazs.

i rode my bike downtown today for lunch, which gave me a great feel for how close we really are. 10 minutes to lunch at leaf, my newest favorite restaurant to promote, where absolutely zero landfill waste is produced and you can have fabulous salad thousands of ways. with or without meat. or cheese. or fresh mozzarella. you should try it.

that was an unpaid advertisement, but maybe someday i’ll get a t-shirt when they have t-shirts.

i think i’m keeping my hair long. but messy.


One Response to “retraction: the pool is in great shape. [and other photos]”

  1. sunee Says:

    the stairs look beautiful! sad i can’t come down more often and that i have to check out the updates on the blog sometimes instead.

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