should i shave my head again?

i could do a brooke hair revival here on the epic, but you would probably stop reading.

so, what do you think? 1 inch all around? not really shaved per se, but like that?

i would like to say two things. first, this is the first time that my picture has ever shown up on this bookinthemaking, and it’s me from a while ago (some of you will remember the shock), and i hope those of you that don’t know me can keep reading with untarnished ideas. just a girl here, building a house, hoping to have three kids before the end of 2008, tired of polyurethane and trips to building stores. second, my friend tara deserves great thanks today: she painted polyurethane trim for many hours today while i did ‘rolling’ with lambswool, and we both inhaled a lot of fumes. it’s worth it, baby. i’ve also been to ikea twice in two days, and it’s not that close to where i live or where i’m building. we are almost……………………. done.

note:  things that happened/are happening need to be mentioned.  we bought a cheap sander at harbor freight today so that i can sand all the stairs/landings tomorrow afternoon and then vaccuum them and then poly them (though the landings will be only finished with tung oil).  we started looking at slats for the first floor tonight at home depot, checking our wood options.  the idea on the first floor is to have slats stained walnut (stain now purchased) running at intersecting angles and then all the pendant lights & globes will hang through.  it will be some of the only dark wood in the house.  also this week we are going to try to get the side fences up on both sides of the house (props to taylor for having already put posts in concrete) so that the construction fence can come down when the portable toilet is removed.  a pool light was purchased today, and therefore our electrical can also be finished on the pool, which is the only inspection it has outstanding.  taylor finished the plastic paneling in the master bedroom and bathroom today, so only a few small pieces remain to be cut and glued.  we ran into ikea’s no-return-without-receipt policy today, so i spend some time reconstructing the kappa klover that i thought was destroyed and now the boys have a great nightlight, but we have eaten it on two paper lights.  not too bad, really, considering what we would have paid anywhere else.  and only because i changed my mind about what looked good… i hate to say that certain males tried to convince me of this long ago, but ahhh, i didn’t see it.  the entire third floor is polyurethaned, including el nido, and we are almost down to the 2nd floor in the stair tower.  i think that’s about all.      and i ordered a trash can from the city!  small steps, eh?


5 Responses to “should i shave my head again?”

  1. cheryl Says:

    You can pull anything off, but my vote would be to leave it a little longer than that. Maybe really short, but not quite THAT short. ;o) Just my 2 cents.
    Girl, y’all have done a TON recently. Well, really this whole time. I can’t image the feeling of just wanting to be done. You’re all troopers.
    Everything’s looking awesome, and I love all the wood.

  2. Melanie Says:

    When I saw you on Friday I noticed how long your hair was. “How does curly hair grow that fast?” I thought to myself. I thought it looked cute, but so did your pixie days. I always envied the ease of caring for your shorter hair. I can support either hair decision. 🙂

    Thanks for always welcoming us in the midst of the chaos.

  3. Peter Says:

    I think you should go for it and show us an after picture. In fact why not shave it to 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch!

  4. toblerone Says:

    I honestly like it in the photo. But I understand the whole hair-being-a-frustration thing, so if you want to shave it, then go for it. I also think an inch around might be good, too.

  5. Christina Says:

    The hair…it is even more fleeting than the stress of the house once you are well enscounced in it with your beautiful boys, your daughter and husband. So, I say shave it! 🙂 But truly, my friend, I speak so only because of the ease which it will bring to you. You are beautiful and amazing no matter what adornment you choose!

    Wow, house craziness! But also WOW! I cannot wait to see it! I miss you all so much and I love seeing how things are going! Please hug the boys for me and tell them of my love!

    Amazing Grace and deep Peace to you!

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