dirt on my knees, smile on my face, phone in my pocket, music in my ears, shower in my future.

days are long on the eastside, and tempers get lost as we hang paneling and sweep and sweep and sweep and sweep.  but success is coming, and is really here.  today (after two days of no posts, sorry) we have arrived at an unveiling – the house is clean!  the pool is uncovered!  the trash is gone!  and the grossest job of all (for me at least), the stairs are uncovered, and months of dust are vaccuumed away for good…


most of the walls of plastic have been hung, and we are agreed on covering the seams with dark firring strips, but that will probably wait until after trim or we move in.  the kids are smiling because they’re imagining that maybe someday they’ll have a life again.


there are ceiling in the bathrooms, which today (along with the entire house), received plugs and switches.  talk about looking complete – i’m aware that my eye has been catching on all the little things left undone, and now i constantly walk around tallying how many things each room has left to be ‘done’.


today the house also received a heater/air conditioner/electrostatic air filter, in addition to all the mechanical vent covers and air filters for the return air ducts.  another completion.


and last but not least, the trash pile (that hasn’t haunted my dreams but has definitely threatened to) is gone……. really gone.  and with it went the uglifying pool cover, so the backyard is now blue again.


and just to make sure you really noticed:


why? why is there no picture of the pool again?  becuase it rusted out and we’re calling the whole thing a failure.  so sorry.

or maybe is that you were late to soccer practice for your son?  and taking any pictures at all made it seem like you have an obsession?  so tomorrow, my friends, i’ll try again to be a little artistic.  either the pool will look large or the backyard will look very small…

all the lights will be put up tomorrow, in addition to ceiling fans and exposed conduit in the downstairs.  in other news, i am getting together the last bids for the house – glass for the showers – and the race for what we’re waiting on to finish is down to that glass or a 90 degree collar for fireplace venting that has to be colored and then sent from malm by ups.  i think the fireplace part will be the last thing, and i think we probably can’t get a certificate of occupancy without it, but i’ll also not say that i’m above attempting to sweet talk the inspector.  look at these kids – don’t they need a home?


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