does anyone want to do my taxes?

and other thoughts from real life……. when in the world will i get to have a clean yard?


will i eventually be arrested (surely i would be in california) for letting our kids play chess and study cork adhesion to walls?


ok, so enough of that. here’s the latest scoop on things generally:

we are in the ‘option’ period on our old house, which means they could walk at any moment, but we’re not worrying about that. the closing date is scheduled for april 30th, at which time we will be in the house currently featured here. today we started finishing floors and cork, and this will continue until all the walls are covered and the floors look like this:


the polygal panels are also going along quite nicely, but no progress today because we didn’t want to get in todd’s way, and there are only two sawhorses. however, there isn’t much to go – here is the ceiling in the master bath:


the tile problems in the showers are fixed, and i think tomorrow that will be officially caulked, dry, clean, and done. just in time for some shower glass estimators to arrive and give us prices…

we have a new addition to the roof:


coming along this week will be electrical fixture and ceiling fan hanging, which includes pretty much everything (exterior/interior), a wallboard inspection (i think i’ll fail this one for sure because i don’t really know what they’re looking for. we don’t have any wallboard), mechanical top-out (heater/AC, grills, bathroom vents, fireplace flue), and the remaining 4 doors from mccoy’s. these will also be painted onsite by a fellow eastsider, the one who painted all the pockets before.

big week. every one has to be at this point, because there aren’t many weeks left…

and just to say it, no guarantees or even predictions intended, we’re working for april 18th, 6th birthday of someone we love very much, as our move-in day. if you know us, the 18th approaches, and theepic has died from neglect, you might consider borrowing or bringing a truck and coming to rescue us from 2 house dementia.



3 Responses to “does anyone want to do my taxes?”

  1. Melanie Says:

    I LOVE doing taxes. Seriously. LOVE IT! I’ve done ours, my grandma’s (fed and 2 states), and my bff’s. I can help.

  2. Leah Says:

    It is looking GREAT!!!! Love the floors. Congratulations on selling your old house. I hope one day we will get to visit your new one. Love you.

  3. jason Says:

    good stuff. glad to hear about the ‘old’ house selling.

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