hey, new neighbors!!!

our yelled happy greeting by five kids at the housing project by our house today made corin and i smile. we were walking around the corner to buy me a cup of coffee, to help decompress after a gluing near-disaster in the master bath. all in all, plastic paneling has been easy to hang and looks great. but you judge for yourself. today’s events include:

a signed offer on our old house and a delivery of earnest money!

nearing the halfway point (if not arriving there) on hanging plastic paneling on the 2nd floor

beginning of paneling the first floor (sans kitchen, which happened tuesday)

cleaning off of the roof deck, thanks to zach (and then corin did some great sweeping), so it is now available for cocktails and city light watching once again

budget clarity: knowing what we need to finish and thinking about how to get it

free caesarstone: our counter installer/suppliers called to say their supplier was giving them the runaround, and would we be willing to have 3 cm in our kitchen instead of 2 cm? gee, i don’t know. ahhhhhhhh, ok. the first floor bath will also be the thicker (read, more expensive) stone, and we aren’t paying extra.

deciding to have an impromptu bbq tomorrow on the big green egg: you are invited. bring something to share when you come, and be prepared for the portable toilet. 3-7. can’t be later, because indoor soccer calls.

all right, here are some pictures. we really did stop a little too late to get great shots, but these are ok. the best is the front bedroom (the future daughter room), as it has a little art too. it’s looking like a house…


2nd bed




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