it really only feels messier and messier…

but that’s just not true.  i think cleaning really dirty spaces just has a way of making the cleaner-upper feel dirty and slightly hopeless, but ahhhh, next week the trash men will come and pristine order may again prevail (and we’ll perhaps be able to start landscaping).

no pictures today.  they would have been of the freeway (ikea return trip) and a pile of sawdust.

the countertop install measurer came and we’re now on the way to having tequila sunrise caesarstone, and until then we’ll be hanging plastic paneling, gluing up cork, sweeping, and watching todd finish wall paneling with birch.  perhaps tomorrow will bring his finish?  electrical fixture setting is set for next wednesday-friday, so then all the boxes will be thrown out, the paneling will all be up (because it has to be), and only plumbing and counters will remain.

i don’t really know when the pool will all work out, but hey, that’s a problem for another day.  we haven’t bought the equipment yet, but that’s kind of it?  just not sure when it will be set.  perhaps not until after we live there.  i’m such a pool novice, i don’t even really know how long it takes to fill a pool………

still aiming for april 18th.  hope with us.


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