i drank coffee at 9am and beer at 9pm

and in between was a lot of action – 2 languages, 2 smaller people and their quirks, 2 tubes of glue-caulk, 5 sheets of plastic paneling, and a spot of trim painting……….

because this is our nutty life.  thanks for dropping in.  todd and squirrel are working very hard to finish/please me/be exacting with paneling, and our little family is working hard to keep one house perfect/tend our two cute dogs/eat/finish our jobs, and the tile guys (there are 4) worked hard to finish the grout in the showers.  they are done.  we are not.  but people are looking at our old house, and here are some shots of the new:


this wall in the second bathroom is striped, which i love but taylor doesn’t…. so we’re compromising on some walls of scrap and most not.

kitchen in a pile

the kitchen in a pile.  wait for wednesday, baby.


plastic paneling, glued on.  if you don’t want to see the wood in the wall, this paneling isn’t right for you.




and this is the beginning of first floor paneling, waiting for the kitchen install – the backer of osb won’t ever be seen.


the birch on the left is for the fridge.

tune in tomorrow for more paneling, but we have a breakfast date and a morning of kid hanging out planned, so our productivity is bound to be low-ish…


One Response to “i drank coffee at 9am and beer at 9pm”

  1. grant Says:

    seriously, has dwell called yet? your new house is like their dream project…

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