glowing! (if wood can glow?)



this weekend was full of accomplishments, and today’s early morning vehicle count of 7 portends another exciting week.

todd beginning to wall the 3rd floor hall…


and the start of tile with hardibacker (1/4 inch) on the floors…


we are currently eating peanut butter & jelly for lunches, so if you live where we do and would ever like to stop by for lunch, you’re invited.  the jam is never refrigerated. (just a caveat)

after wildly running errands this morning and afternoon, putting fresh daffodils on the coffee table, and madly typing an english lesson, i’m going back to see the beginning of the crushed glass terrazzo and the carpentry accomplishments on the third floor.  we are estimating 4 weeks to finish at the moment, if our house sells.  if not, i may be selling the old dog to raise cash…….. or waiting.  god knows.

for you detail interested, the sewer and water lines went into the yard today, so there is also an inspection scheduled for tomorrow to knock that out.  which is also another chance for me to be chill in the face of fear.  the most awkward moment of the day was having two architecture students get roped into handing up birch ply over the balcony because they were in the house at the wrong/right time.  this is followed very closely by having to tell a very nice eager but completely incognito man named baxter that i really couldn’t hire him to help with the tile, because i don’t have insurance.  i did, though, get to give him a pb&j.


2 Responses to “glowing! (if wood can glow?)”

  1. toblerone Says:

    I’m surprised you can have pb in your house… has Taylor turned a new leaf?

  2. grant Says:

    so there’s all this attention from architecture students, you have no drywall in the house, I’m wondering when dwell or some other trendy magazine is going to do a review on the house and the details…you know they like those photo opportunities with details

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