our family now has a pirate [or: the dangers of homebuilding for small people]


let’s face it, this isn’t one of the easiest times in my life. or the life of our little family. we don’t have meals planned. we don’t have free time. we don’t get to have people over much. i can never rarely get everything done. this makes me stressed and sad, at times worse than others, like this afternoon. and much of yesterday. i think tax time is weighing on me [how to do the taxes and make piles of official papers while keeping the house immaculate for viewers?].

but those smiling kids. man, they just hang with it. we’ve been laying hardwood floors at nights,


when all the others have gone home. they have sleeping bags, and last night they went to bed in the newly completed guest room on the third floor

guest room

and got up and down a lot (there’s no quiet spot). but while older was still up helping, the non-placed lovely green pocket door, which i leaned against the wall to block light and sound, fell over on the foot of younger – poor ari. so this post was almost titled – we now have a pirate and a 5 year old missing a toenail…

but he hasn’t quite lost the toenail. choice quote after a very little crying: ‘i’m trying to use my self-control and not cry even though it really hurts.’

and then we’re still laying wood, corin goes to bed, and then comes down almost hysterical, because he was rubbing his hands together to get sawdust off and apparently a lot got into his eye. this is followed by a few hours of calming, flushing with water, reassuring that blindness in one eye isn’t that bad (we have friends who know), and then he writhed around sadly hoping all the dust would come out while we finished the master bedroom floor. this am, no better, and a sleepless night later, mr. tough says nonchalantly that he didn’t really sleep, and then begins to panic just a little when we spray saline in his eye, nothing gets better, and the eye dr. is mentioned.

and now we have a pirate. corneal scratch, piece of wood actually still in his eye! when we went to the doctor, he’s going to have great stories to tell later about construction. like how his mom is a bit flighty and doesn’t remember meals have to be planned, so we ate queso and chips for lunch. or how he was cooler than a ninja for just a day. (i think he’d like to be a ninja, but personally i’m into hard drinking laziness).

well, i hope that major aside makes up for the fact that i didn’t take more pictures today. both 3rd floor bedrooms are completely roofed and paneled, and the stair tower has birch paneling and a cedar roof as well.

we’ll be trying tomorrow to clean up the first floor for the laying of tile next week. things on our agenda may also include making a bench out of an 18′ beam leftover from framing – it’s really way too big to be left lying around, and too big to move, so we think we should do something… you’ll see the results here, and in the meantime, take a moment to be glad you can read this. one person i know was desperate to read all day and has a new appreciation for his faculties – as busy as i am, this is a great time. and worth the time too.


3 Responses to “our family now has a pirate [or: the dangers of homebuilding for small people]”

  1. Mike Harmon Says:

    I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. Kerin Says:

    ahhh!!! i’m so sorry boys! what a week you’ve had! corin, your parents are right, life would go on and you’d be okay if you lost vision in your eye, but i will pray earnestly that it recovers completely. hang in there, and meanwhile, you can make fun of yourself when your depth perception is just a little off;) remember that time i tried to pour a glass of milk and totally missed the glass and poured it all over the table?! (haha). ari, nathan says, “that is AWEFUL!” and he says he would have cried if it happened to him. way to be brave, Ari.

  3. dave Says:

    we need to get corin some safety goggles, should have after the first incident…where is osha around here anyway?

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