perfect sunshine & gracious visitors


as i dressed for a day of work (to begin post-breakfast, wonderfully), i prepared for rubbing rust off the balcony rails with paint thinner, turning my hands black, using a metal toothbrush, and spraying lots of rustoleum.  on this great day, mellow as the weather was mild, we also had many new house visitors:  architect & wife, filmmakers, college student (who helped with the metal brushing, thanks jj).  carpentry was going on all around, and the breeze carried the sounds of finish nailers, screwdrivers, expensive chop saws, and alternative pop radio in addition to the fumes…

and while the bottom floor now has a carpeting of sawdust that seems unlikely to dissapear anytime soon, it will be all cleaned up at the end of tomorrow, and then tile will soon cover the entire expanse (or non-expanse, really).

we spent the beautiful afternoon on a ‘personal day’ (really, ari has begun saying we should take more of them) with friends hanging out and at the park.  no shortage of jobs, but no shortage of life, either.  the rest of the railing will be there tomorrow.  or the next day.

indoor soffit

roof workshop


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