oh, my, another squirrely story.

but the entirety of it is this:

we found another dead squirrel, this time in our living room, today when we got home from building!!!!!!!!

enough with the small rodents. there is too much going on to have to deal with dead rabies infested invaders. our list of late includes (but is not limited to):

wood flooring

plastic paneling

sealing the decks (and cleaning them)

cleaning and sealing all the metal balcony surrounds

sealing the birch ply

the cool (yet still a lot of work) ceiling on the first floor

building side fences to surround the pool/’yard’

clearly, not all these things can be done at once, or even is the house ready for them this week. but at the moment, we are wondering (occasionally) when someone will choose to love our old house, and when in the world we’ll end up with time to get all these jobs done so we can live in the new one. if i write here about reading (or you here me talk about it), give me a noogie and tell me to work on something. none of the jobs are exactly fun, but too bad, eh?

i tried for some architecturally interesting shots today, so see what you think (and where you think…)







editor’s note addendum: doing the day justice would require me to divulge that i sat for quite a while on the front stoop with my favorite small people and just read in the sun today. and that we ordered cork wall paneling (or floor underlayment), i fixed the front door deadbolt, and had a lot of productive phone calls about this and that – fixes and changes and orders and plans.

an even further note digression: this way of thinking (panic at lists, followed by assessment that reveals life may not, in fact, be flying off a cliff at 85 mph) is so me. and so ridiculous. i’m the girl that panicked EVERY semester when receiving syllabi. the potential of lots of work on the horizon (and unknowns too) causes me way more stress than is right or good. and my caro sposo doesn’t really ever think past tomorrow. he is a blessed man.


One Response to “oh, my, another squirrely story.”

  1. toblerone Says:

    Corin looks really big and old in that picture. Our girl still remembers them – and your dogs – by the way.

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