says the husband to the dog on the back porch. muddy paws? no. she killed a baby/toddler/adolescent squirrel that perhaps fell off the roof. what squirrel? o, one of the squirrels he heard climbing up and down the rope from the climbing wall to the attic? yes. the ones that built a nest from cedar bark in between our roof decking and shingles because the roofers left off a vent? the hole that we’ve now covered with extra cypress decking, because we don’t want any more broken plates, eaten ferns, or climbing wall adventurers? one of those squirrels. she wanted to bring it in as a present. happy frances…

this is all happening at 11:30pm. after a happy day, albeit wacky, of stair building


wall sheathing (the osb, which is that ugly-ish chip board, will be covered with cork in a few weeks)

3rd floor

flooring the playroom/landing/laundry room/office

future cork

and picking the kiddos (and other eastsiders) up from spring break mud camp which got just a little too muddy. our car needs a bath, i need a bath, the floors need a bath, but everyone is home safe and sound, and tomorrow the rain won’t keep things from happening either. it will just make them wetter. and we’ll see if the remaining squirrels find a way into the quiet dry house.

a caveat: i think flash pictures don’t ever do reality justice. these are to post, but i’ll take better ones during daylight.


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