5. and they wrap their heads in saran wrap.

you think i’m making it up?



i wish i could be elegant and witty at 12:20am, but i’m not. the entire house is insulated. i stopped in the middle of a jane austen masterpiece theatre movie at 10:45pm to enter lots of numbers on my cell phone to ensure that our insulation inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. the other watchers thought the whole thing a little weird, but i’ve gotta keep this project rolling. it seems akin to attempting to prove to your boss how committed you are by sending serious business email late at night or on the weekend, but i’m the boss, so maybe i’ve turned into a workaholic. ?

the spray foam is so amazing. we just watched and watched. it’s like watching the atomic bomb tests or volcanic explosions happening in our walls. that may sound bizarre, but when it isn’t the middle of the night and i learn how to post on youtube (really), you’ll be able to see the coolness.

the house now feels and sounds completely different. quieter. more enclosed. more like a house.

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