delays, progress, and enjoying the day @ home.

fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

i haven’t been writing, in some ways, because life has been crazy.  as a part of the eastside church we attend, every saturday morning is art class with a variety of great kids.  another woman and i are teaching english on monday nights…  we have been in process to adopt from el salvador for almost a year, but the government there is being frustratingly slow and prospects don’t look good for the people waiting in line to give a home to one of their thousands of orphans, so now we’re in the middle of a switch to ethiopia, which means more paperwork, but also the settledness of showing our new home in the home study and being settled there before she comes.

for those of you that don’t know us in real life, that’s a lot of information about the rest of our life.  there’s also soccer and laundry and phone calls, but the past few weeks have afforded time for nice normal long breakfasts with chapter book reading and quiet afternoons together………. in an immaculate house, because now it’s on mls and the realtors don’t give us much warning before stopping in.

the past few weeks on the new house:  we had the third party inspection, followed by a delay to fix his list, then the failed inspection, followed by a delay to fix his list, then the second inspection.  having passed, the lineup now depends on spray foam insulation, which could have been friday, if there had been spray foam available anywhere within driving distance.  it could have been today, if it wasn’t raining and cold, both circumstances which preclude insulating with polyurethane.

and so we think it will be wednesday.  things change though, so stay tuned.  like a row of dominoes, the whole thing will start falling into place after that one day (or two), and nothing else is weather dependent.  the ikea kitchen paperwork is all done.  3 deliveries are scheduled for thursday, and this afternoon i’m meeting with a carpenter to get a bid for doing the wall paneling that isn’t drywall.  here’s hoping it’s reasonable…

current book being read aloud:  the wind in the willows

current book i’m reading:  emma by jane austen.  NOT as good as pride and prejudice, whatever the ‘books you should read while you’re alive’ list people say.  but i’m going to stick it out.


4 Responses to “delays, progress, and enjoying the day @ home.”

  1. Leah Says:

    oh. my. gosh. ethiopia? please, someone, fill me in!!!!!

  2. Marge Says:

    you are more fascinating all the time! people with the patience to endure the beauacractic mess of adoption amaze me. Kudos. So which kitchen did you choose? I’m surious because I’ve considered a remodel of my kitchen with IKEA.

  3. jenny rose ford Says:

    I thought it might be high time for me to stop “lurking” and leave a comment for you, new friend! Everything looks amazing. Have a great week and thanks for the offer of coffee today.

  4. theepic Says:

    the abstrakt shiny white foil kitchen is our pick. easy to use a lot and never regret that i can’t wipe it down. we are getting a countertop called caesarstone in bright orange (the door matches).

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