well, i failed, but it wasn’t so bad…

it was the super-nice city inspector who answered every question i had ever called him about on the phone. he walked around, smiled, talked to me, explained things, made a list, talked about his kids and his life, and i drank coffee and smiled and enjoyed the time! ?

so:  i have to do 1st stage polysealing (which is formal builder term. for filling all the holes left by electrical wires and plumbing, etc going through the walls and up to the trusses), and foam around holes in each floor. the plumbers have to move a shower head and insulate some exterior wall pipes. the electricians have to add a smoke detector. the mechanical contractors have to put sleeves around the flue vent to provide fireblocking. i have to take a few pictures of the roof vents and under the house. a very happily easily accomplished list…

what’s next, you might ask? i’ll be there polysealing tomorrow, and all the other contractors have said they’ll come as well. if they are done by end of day, i’ll call for reinspection on friday, and if not, we’ll be waiting til monday. and then we can insulate.

back to the inspector/answer man:  he said that he had been building houses for 41 years, and that i should know it is a great house. he patted me on the arm and said, with a twinkle in his eye, ‘you’re doing a great job.’ what a great morning.

and this evening we went to start on a few jobs and then had a dinner of pot roast, sourdough and malbec-shiraz on the roof.  in the dark.  with the shining lights of downtown illuminating the horizon.



One Response to “well, i failed, but it wasn’t so bad…”

  1. kelsey Says:

    failure’s not so bad, huh? and you ARE doing a great job.

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