i seriously almost suffocated in the port-a-potty

and i didn’t get inspected.  apparently there are ‘carryovers’ – people who the inspector just doesn’t get around to the first day after they call.

on the whole, though, a great day.  i sat in a lawn chair in our new living room drinking in the sunlight and reading, drinking coffee, and had visitors and various interested persons call and stop by throughout the day.  somewhat like a spa, but without some of the better (but less noticed) amenities, such as clean, flushing toilets.  it was quiet, calm, relaxing, and productive, if not exactly homebuilding.

and i really did almost suffocate.  my eyes started watering, then stinging.  i went from holding my breath, to breathing through my mouth, to not breathing again due to the sting, and then i had flashbacks of trying to hold my breath during the scene in ‘the princess bride’ when wesley dives after buttercup into the lightning sand – i never make it – and i stumbled out of the port-a-potty, pants unzipped, gasping for air and slightly stunned.  that all happened in about a minute, but it was definitely the most eventful minute of the day.  i’m glad no one else was there to witness my disheveled exit and subsequent gasping recovery…those chemicals were new and potent.


One Response to “i seriously almost suffocated in the port-a-potty”

  1. Marge Says:

    I get the heebie-jeebies in a port-o-potty! I’d sooner watch the torture chamber scene over and over than have to use one.

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