tomorrow is (the) big day

a big day? we’re ‘ready’ and then again, of course we aren’t. the plumbers encouraged me today by saying they just are used to the system… being callous is my only option. so i’m planning to sit and wait and listen and then plan? to fix things. this is what the inspector will see:

front entry

back balconies

and if he were to visit at night, this would be his view off the roof balcony…


thanks for coming along for the first half (or long 1.5 years) of this ride.  we are at a hinge, finally, and from here we’ll be finishing the inside.  more first-time homebuilder adventures to come – stay tuned.


One Response to “tomorrow is (the) big day”

  1. Toblerone Says:

    That gives me shivers. Love the view.

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