red ink is always red ink.

red ink

having many friends in college at this point, i have found myself making parallels again to tests, syllabi, and exams.  as i get deeper and deeper into this project, i start to feel like i might have some handle on the whole thing, in general, if i ask enough questions, and then………………

inspections.  like tests.  and they always involve the word fail.  even if you don’t fail, which is what i didn’t do today, as it was the 3rd-party inspection (the pre-inspection that i pay for before the city inspection).  fail to place joist hangers, fail to check for fireblocking on bathroom plumbing outs, fail, fail, fail.

i have issues.  and so, this is the moment when i divulge that i would like to be better about the idea of failing something, knowing that it isn’t failure.  it’s just not having done it perfectly the first time in a world when some things are required to be perfect.  scones are never perfect, but there are never 3rd-party scone inspections either.  we just eat them and comment, if necessary, on the lack of salt or paltriness of the frosting.  mostly, we just eat them.

and so, tomorrow, cesar of craig’s list is coming over once again, and i will hand him many joist hangers, many nails, a long list, and some leftover 2×4’s, and the fail will turn into a pass.  but wow, it stuns me sometimes how sensitive i am.  i know that it is ok to be learning, but i dearly wish i could feel that it’s ok to be learning.  especially during an inspection.

thanks to dave, jenny, tim, taylor, laurie, sara, neil, and tara for all telling me this exact thing over the course of the last 6 hours.


One Response to “red ink is always red ink.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Oh my friend – you described it perfectly! I remember just about breaking down into tears when we failed our gas inspection. Repeatedly. Not quite a fond memory, but honestly, it did make me realize many of the sentiments you’ve documented here.

    Best of luck, and hang in there. It’s worth it!

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