i’m so sorry, but i forgot jane eyre.

that’s really all i have to say about that.  oops.  how i ever made it to 31 without reading it is beyond me.  it was great.

today was another amazing tuesday (what’s with tuesdays?).  a man from craig’s list – the same who fixed the skirting untreated lumber failure – came and treated all the cedar siding, which now looks like…


thanks to waylon, carpenter extraordinaire with tim, for giving me the TWP heads up.  order it online and it even has free shipping.

the details on the front of the house are almost complete – today was a lot of corner work in addition to the remaining galvalum.  a few views:



with school done in the morning/early afternoon, there was time for helping on the roof deck (they put the screws into the drill holes) and i don’t think this counts as child labor because it’s their house and they wanted to do it?!?!


but there was still a lot of time invested today in pet rocks.  they each have homes made of castoff building material boxes (or 12 pack soda containers), bedding of sawdust (straight from the shop vac), and each home is carefully sealed with tyvek tape, and comes complete with handle made from string used by the foundation crew to run the piers in a straight line (yup, that was still lying around too).  the family rocks are ned, rover, and birdy.  our friend kelsey visiting today also got a rock (terry) as did tim the carpenter (his is named harley) and the baby who didn’t care.  mine are the ones in front:  birdy on the right, ned on left.  i inherited ned midday from 5.8 year old who wanted a mini pet rock and a smaller home, but i don’t know what the mini pet rock ended up being named.


we ate really good mexican peanut candy (little round powdery disks that melt in your mouth), i took a midday nap at a neighbor’s house, and then even had a cup of coffee with our wonderful neighbor, dona victoria, who has been next door for about 80 years.

the proud pair of deck builders:

the guys

and the house with a new front view!



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