night comes early as a temporarily single parent

so these pictures are dark.  i will replace them on the morrow, but i know there are at least a handful of people who actually check in the am.  the roofers say they’ll be done by wedn. or thursday, which is great! and means insulation can be scheduled tentatively for next week.  that would be barring a gross failure of the framing/mechanical/plumbing inspection.

scuppers are on the back roof


you can see the lights from cesar chavez nightlife reflected in the window.

also, there is a roof deck, to be finished tomorrow…


this picture taken by the small dancing one up way too late so that we could have english classes tonight:


the new front                                 front

and now i’m home, tea and shortbread on a small plate, grateful for all God allowed to be accomplished today.  we showed the old house too…  further developments surely ahead.


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