a reading tangent

well, around here, there are a few things we love. eating, people, coffee, people. and reading. so here are some books i have read/been reading lately. highly recommend:

uncle tom’s cabin

coming of age in mississippi by anne moody

roots by alex haley

there’s a theme here. other books to come along the african-american lit theme include:

the souls of black folk by web dubois

the frederick douglass autobio

on other topics:

i’ve been trying to read the recommendations of our oldest son, and as a result read eragon and the sequel, eldest, which are light and fun, but if the thought of reading about dragons and fairies makes you want to run, keep running.

dubliners, a book of short stories by james joyce, may be the only way to read joyce without committing yourself your life to reading joyce for the next few years. i read this in prep for dublin itself, and where i don’t think joyce added to dublin, i think dublin changed joyce for me.

rereading nine stories lately (j.d. salinger), and just read franny & zooey with a friend. highly recommend, and a fast read too. i don’t know if i’d say it’s better having read nine stories, since i have read it without having read the other, but the cross of characters between books was extremely satisfying after over a decade of only the short stories in my imagination. my overachieving husband, who had the same sophomore english teacher as i did, read both. i missed out.

holes by louis sachar. another kid rec…

on the list to read soon:

the voice of matthew by lauren winner. she has written girl meets god and other books. i expect great things.

the giver by lois lowry

a history of the gypsies. i haven’t picked one yet, because as far as i can tell, there isn’t a standout, so i may read too. a fascinating and little known people group, and one that has intrigued me since i was in high school and saw gypsies in france with my family.

emma by jane austen. don’t laugh. this actually shows up on the ‘must read’ lists, but i’m an unabashed fan. people say this is her best…

i have no idea why anyone might want to read this post, but my non-building side just had to have a turn today.



5 Responses to “a reading tangent”

  1. Terry Finley Says:

    I am so glad folk like us like to read. thanks for your blog

  2. Jan Says:

    I guess I am a die hard. I am still reading, but I must admit I enjoyed the departure from building contractor vocabulary. I do enjoy the pictures though. I know you are writing about your world as it is right now. So don’t stop. It was just nice to hear from the old Brooke I used to know. Hang in there. It will all be worth it.

  3. sunee Says:

    um. i’m glad to hear some of my recommendations on there– holes, roots, and the giver– and i’m reading emma right now. where are the boys in the last picture?

  4. theepic Says:

    most of this reading list can indeed be credited to you, sunee.

  5. Vance Says:

    to kill a mocking bird

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