if you’re still reading, you’re a die hard. thanks.

really. i feel like this house is taking quite a while. builders on the east side, if they perchanced to read this, would come beat me up. nonetheless, as the roof didn’t get done again this week and we had a strategy session that involved deciding i should make a list and call a meeting monday morning, i really thought about how amazingly relaxed and great being a mom and wife is as a day job.

that said, no complaints here. decks progress. welding on the roof happened. that was friday. more siding got put into place.

and then saturday saw the plumbers back for their final day, which was the laying of gas lines. they cut the pipe and then cut the threading with threading machines, and since we have some sort of bum electrical pole when it comes to pipe threaders (though nothing else), they were threading with a manual machine. lots of work.

here are a few shots from friday.


the intermesh (welded wire) will come wednesday…

other side

we have already tried out the wide front steps, sitting on them as the sun hit the porch to read chapter book on thursday. a happy moment.

front stoop

and here is the little stairway to the car (we didn’t want to have to come around, as the landscaping will fill the yard?!?!)


and last but not least, the back deck has stairs as well.  plumbers commented today (with surprise) – ‘they don’t even squeak. those are nice stairs.’ i am extremely grateful for all the quality craftmanship going on at 208.  can’t imagine a better team of people, and how amazingly wonderful it is to enjoy seeing the various skills and talents come together in a cohesive way.

back deck

i had lots of visitors yesterday, as i sat up in el nido typing and reading [for some reason, the city wireless connection is unavailable lower in the house. my current theory is interference from the metal siding]. funniest moment: a four-year old girl, good friend, peering out of the window at the backyard: ‘this used to be a dirty lot.’


2 Responses to “if you’re still reading, you’re a die hard. thanks.”

  1. Amar Says:

    Nice!!! Kim and I were at the H4H store close to you guys yesterday. Bryan walked up to us (Bryan works there) and started chatting. We mentioned that a friend of ours is building a house close by (a hard to miss one of a kind house :-)) Bryan goes – ” I know Brooke, she stops be here all the time” 🙂 He also gave me a nod on my B&C t-shirt which I happen to be wearing. Your fame is spreading female wagen and thus it begins….

  2. cheryl Says:

    I must be a die hard! Everything is looking awesome.

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