just where does that lotus elise go everyday, anyway?


that would be me, asking and answering questions in a public forum that only plague my family.  and perhaps the people on our block.  i took that picture on 4x magnification while driving 65mph south toward the house this morning.  who is that guy, hip highlights and expensive cars in our burb hood, with the lotus?  well, as i drank hot coffee, plotted house, and thanked God for another day, i also got to spy….

but alas, he exited at mlk, and i continued south.  does he work downtown?  who does he impress?  does he really get there faster?  (the answer is no, we’re all stopped by red lights and traffic here).

ok, about the house.  everyone, and extras, showed up today.  pictures will tell the story:  galvalum, termite treatment guy chad (he was the extra – the skirting wasn’t quite ready), cypress delivery [and this is wood recycling – the trees were downed in the hurricanes in the south], carpenters for decks, electrician to put two things in one place (recessed cans & air vents), and plumbers (poke holes in 3rd floor wall for outdoor roof sink).  and i drove all the way home for lunch, to hear our sons play violin and see the beginning of a short film in our home, with a cameo by the smaller son.


back deck above and front door below.

front deck

close up of wood (better shots tomorrow i’m sure)…


this is the second floor looking more like a house than a project.  that’s 3 1/4″ white oack tongue & groove flooring waiting to be installed (a  few weeks to wait).


and a shot from the roof patio.  almost done!

3rd back

and for a beautiful aside, i saw this on the drive home.  i think this house is gorgeous.



One Response to “just where does that lotus elise go everyday, anyway?”

  1. LotusEliseBlog Says:

    In regards to the first part of your post…

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that has thoughts like that. I see a lot of the same cars every day in front of my work and I always wonder who they are and where they are going. The flip to this though is I actually drive a Lotus Elise 😉

    Lotus Elise Blog

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