and so, a few pictures.  i’m indeed still a builder, just worn out.  when 11 comes (or 12) (or 1) i just really want to go to sleep.


from the porch:


and the view of the garden yard out back (not ours, of course):


worth mentioning (perhaps this catharsis is a bit invigorating?) is that 5 crews were supposed to be working today, and none were.  we did great things in the old ford – like deliver a couch to friends without one and pick up the oak floors for this house.  also ate burgers and what i would call the best fries in town today’s at jo’s downtown.  actually found a place to park….

but the one person working was a guy i hired on craig’s list to do another job, and he came on one day’s notice to replace all the boards for skirting support from non-treated to treated lumber.  wish i could blame someone else for that oversight, but it was squarely on my shoulders.  i am extremely glad that the first major mistake didn’t end up being that major.  under $500 and fixed in a day.  i only hope the next mistake will be as easy.

we’ll still be here.  pardon my absenteeism.  if you have found yourself at a home store post-10pm shopping for ‘for sale’ signs for your house and you’ve not said more than a handful of words to the people you love best all day, you will understand my writing slackness.

but we’ll be back again tomorrow, i hope.  slated for:  electrical (minor), plumbing (gas lines and roof sink), decks, metal siding, and welding (balcony surrounds).


One Response to “can’t……….post………..daily……”

  1. treadmarks Says:

    You don’t have to post daily, you know. I love keeping up with you guys in whatever capacity. thanks for posting what you do!

    And speaking of keeping up – I got your email and then phone call. Sorry we weren’t there when you called. Please try again, anytime. And I’ll try soon as well. I know you’re busy, so no pressure.

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