this house is coming together.  today (friday) we officially dried in, with the application of layers 1 and 2 of the torch down roof (there are two more to come on monday).  the corner rails on the house are coming up the stair tower, the metal siding is almost done, the holes in the cedar are being filled by yours truly with a lovely smelling wood paste that can indeed be stained to match the rest of the wood.

tomorrow the plumbers come to run the gas lines.

we lost lock #2 last night, but nothing, and i mean nothing, was stolen.  not the amazing big green egg smoker (too heavy?), not the metal siding (too bulky?), not the copper in the plumbing (too expensive?).  maybe they just wanted to use the port-a-potty.  the even weirder thing is that they took the master dial lock and left a keyed master lock, open, but no key.  ?

we’re working crazily to get the house we live in ready to show.  people come tomorrow afternoon, and here’s hoping it sells right off the bat.   not likely, but you never know…  so i have spent the last two days (along with my great family) painting, cleaning, boxing, dusting, raking, mowing, not sleeping enough.  ahhhh, well, it will be over someday.  and a great friend of ours and spouse just had a baby, so that was a late night that shed amazingly stunning amounts of perspective on everything else.  a friend and i were unexpectedly attendant at the birth, and when their son finally emerged, the obstetrician said, ‘behold, the image of God.’

there’s nothing else to say.

pictures to return tomorrow.


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