tuesday is combo day.


for the low price of getting up early and making many phone calls, you too can have

1 framing job completely finished (even soffit!)

2 inches of closed cell foam applied under your subfloor

and a large helping of corrugated siding.

and because the sun was shining and the wind was blowing, spring-like, we also gardened and took a lovely walk, visiting various eastside neighbors. there was an hour when i was a public safety hazard, because i went to mccoy’s to buy wood i wasn’t expecting to need, and the only available vehicle was my friend/neighbor’s minivan. it was a squeeze, but 25 mph later with red flag blowing behind and the trunk open all the way (i really hope i didn’t lose a stroller out the back), i delivered 34 12′ 2×4’s to the mpv’s of today, claudio and primo, who finished all the other work by 11:30 and said sure, they could build frames for all the skirting. ! we now have one more weekend than we did this am.

skirting frame

that’s the framing. and the 2×4’s in the foreground are the extras i can return because they decided to use as much scrap lumber as possible to save me money! any builder reading this will understand my shock. i think this perhaps qualifies us for a green building point or two.


these are the foam covered men under the house. they almost got skirted in, but los hombres mentioned above very carefully left them one exit point.

here’s a shot of some of the insulation.


and some siding:


lastly, the end of day time lapse. tomorrow may very well bring the end of siding and roofing will follow closely thereafter.



2 Responses to “tuesday is combo day.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Do tell me more about this closed cell foam…seriously. Will it help our 60 year old casa stay warmer?

  2. davebirt Says:

    absolutely…air is the best insulator, and common insulations try to trap air, usually in spun glass (fiberglass). closed cell foam traps the air in separate chambers to prevent the passage of air through the product. spray-in foam insulation is becoming widely available and more commonly used. they have a slow drip system to fill it in your existing walls and they will spray it in your attic/roof system, and under your house (if it is pier and beam). it is the best product, however it is more costly…

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