have you ever lay awake late at night, wondering if you needed to get an engineer to draw a roof framing plan, and now you have a roof, but no framing plan, and, heavens, how will you ever pass the framing inspection?

that was me.  i fretted.  i talked to taylor.  i did pray about it, but i still lay awake wondering if i should call the engineer who designed our foundation but is seriously amazing and this isn’t something i should bother him about (he’s a pier expert).  or if i should call the company that does the other stage inspections and ask them to cobble together something after the fact and hope that i didn’t screw up by telling the framers that whatever they thought would be good would be good.  aieeeeeeeeee.

so i thought all weekend.  i lay awake.  i woke up early with my stomach turning over.  hello?  it’s a framing plan for a roof that i already have.  but the inexorable logic of it didn’t really seep into my being until late in the weekend, and then i looked worried one moment and spouse asks, ‘are you worried?  what are you thinking about?’ and i tell him, and he just laughs.  i realize i’m a dope, but it was great to be told that there are things to worry about in life, and plans for roofs that you already have aren’t those.

so, bright and early monday morning, deep breath, but no terror…….i call the head inspector for the company i’ve been using, and ask, apologetically and perhaps a little overwhelmingly beseechingly, if i need a roof framing plan, because, well, i have this roof, and i did discuss it with the other engineer, yada, yada, yada.

‘is this commercial or residential?’


‘nope.  you’re fine.  we’ll look at it and then the city inspector will look at it.  that’s all you need.’

i have never been more aware of how stupid worrying about tomorrow is.  there’s this part of the book of matthew in the bible that makes the case for not-worrying so well i have committed it to memory, mostly because i always find myself worrying.  it was idiotic to waste any stomach acid on that one.

ok, enough about my mental status over the weekend.  lesson learned, i hope.  things are happening in infill-ville.  the metal cornice is going into place.


i think it’s great that the flashing around the bottom of the cedar matches the windows and also the corner pieces.  perhaps i’m just saying that so maybe you’ll notice.  i’m enjoying consistency of theme – the simplicity of it, and the ease with which we can make decisions based on it.

also being carefully assembled is the metal siding :  they started at the back of the house, so in this picture the guys are all standing on the pool cover (osb and 2×4’s) working.  you can see easily how much of a squeeze the pool was/is.


the week looks to be busy, which i’m thrilled about.  tomorrow is supposed to be insulation of underhouse and underbalcony spaces, meeting with plumber, 2 framers doing finish-up work like missing boards and window caulking, and more metal.  and in between, the small enthusiastic ones and i will be gardening in the community garden.  we have the goal of planting lettuce in february, but that will mean a lot of mulching and turning of earth.


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