errand running and trim painting

there are many ways to fill a rainy week, and with one house going up and another prepping to go ‘out,’ so to speak, there are more things to do than we can possibly dream of doing. rooms around our house are being prettified, neatened, puttied, and primped. lots and lots of paint has been and will be rolled and brushed (i do trim, the man does rolling), and the closets are being leveled, as we had a completely empty one before. where will we live if the house sells fast? only god knows. but things are set to keep moving on the new, so we’ve got to get hopping up here.

while i wasn’t posting, i was back in the land of way-too-many-phone-calls. of course, that means i’m at home, where i concurrently wash dishes (i always seem to be washing dishes and wiping counters), talk to males, answer questions, read notes, try to remember what i’m aiming for that day (goals, you know, gotta have goals), and call people on the phone. sometimes it’s a little harried. but in the past four days, in addition to fiberglassing and independent gate-fixing at the community garden, we picked a: security company, tile installer (showers and floors), stove, and wood floor. there’s something to be said for forward progress, even if only preparatory.

so tomorrow we’re back to the cold outdoors, where the house will be wired for alarm, the metal for roofing/siding/corners/window flashing/fascia (that’s the edge of the roof) will all arrive on a trailer, and we’ll probably chat with some neighbors and see some friends. and maybe break out before rush hour?

some have asked when our projected finish date is… perhaps march? if things continue the way they have, we’ll be easily done in march. but, things don’t tend to speed along in all parts of a house. i’m going to be doing my best to stack everyone up as fast as i can, but i know we’re set for some long nights and weekends of wood floor and wall panel installation ourselves (you can’t pay drywall crews to put in not-drywall), so we shall see.


One Response to “errand running and trim painting”

  1. Marge Says:

    You are one tough lady! Hang in there.

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