abort! abort!

the lot is a mud pit!

i wore inches of mud on my shoes to the dump!

i wore it all over my self home again!

and buckets and buckets of water have been vaccuumed out of the house!  (the wet-dry vac has never been so loved)

we promise to reschedule.  there is already a small keg of nxnw pale ale waiting, and a lot of pork roast for tacos on the egg.  today the framers finished, minus a few correctables for a convenient moment.  there is also a door handle and lock on the front door.  wow, eh?  like a real house.

best moment of the day was standing in the back of the truck at the dump, birds circling in every direction, as i shoved schmuck out with gusto in the rain, wet up to my knees, smiled at all the guys in even bigger trucks all around me, and relished the fact that i was the only girl around.  i couldn’t feel my hands, and i didn’t quit.


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