architecture as art.

there are so many pictures to tell a story today.  lying on the ground at 6pm this afternoon (wednesday) next to the pool, i saw this:


and the front entrance [not actually visible from the front] now combines many textures and colors…  i love it.  i don’t know if some will think it a bit too colorful.


better not come over and use the 2nd floor bath.

on another note, i find it odd that in two weeks i have gone from never ever having had a credit card declined to prefacing many phone conversations that are going to involve purchasing with, ‘well, if you have trouble with my amex, i have an entire house worth of lumber, windows and doors on it, so just call me and i’ll give you another card. !??!?’


until someone told me that a frequent response is yelling, anger, etc., etc.  i just feel sheepish.

ok, so onto more pictures.  time lapse this am (to make up for the last two days, sorry) is:

18 and the men making it happen:

claudio to note here is the pile of ‘trash’ on the right which camoflauges the 4,550 pounds of tile.

some interesting views that highlight the external textures and lighting plays as the sheathing comes together:



i am absolutely certain there are interesting stories to tell about people and conversations and decisions today, but i don’t have it in me.  why o why am i always posting at midnite?


2 Responses to “architecture as art.”

  1. treadmarks Says:

    Is your front door unusually wide? Looks like it in the pictures. Love the exterior, by the way!

  2. Marge Says:

    your project still blows my mind. The tri-color siding is surprisingly gorgeous. Your use of color is changing some of my feelings about pink. Thanks for taking the time to post your progress (even at midnight). 🙂

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