just when i thought manual labor was over…

4,550 lbs. of recycled glass terrazzo tile got delivered to our street.  for me.  without a forklift.

‘well…’ said the delivery man, not in any way related in business to the company who sells this beautiful tile, ‘i don’t know why they contract with us, but none of our trucks have forklifts.  we only have pallet jacks.’

with wheels smaller than the roller skates i remember from roller king in the fourth grade.  try as i might to make a ramp for said pallet jack to get over the curb (using scrap osb, of course), the weight of this tile was just too much – one try up and all was lost.  it was just me (and corin and ari) and 4,550 pounds of tile.

i called mccoy’s.  their forklift was broken. and this isn’t their problem.  i called the restore (habitat for humanity) – not their problem either.  and who asks to borrow a forklift?  in my desperation, i didn’t really care.

of course, the boys offered to help.  we decided the weight of the tile made it an unlikely item for theft over the lunch hour, so we left the electricians on the roof enjoying the view and went to eat tacos and chips and salsa (and the great free charro beans they bring you sometimes).  in the minutes that elapsed during my decision to actually take a lunch, a friend (with a very small baby) called to see if we wanted to meet, so we all ate tacos, and then returned to start moving the tile.

two women, one baby, two smallish boys – no match for all the tile.  but a match for ~2,500 pounds.  stacked just inside the fence, we quit to have cokes and wait for the men (husbands) to finish the rest.

they did.  i thought this afternoon would involve quietly reading and enjoying a day without five crews working simultaneously. (why i didn’t post last night:  after plumbing, electrical, mechanical, framing, roofing, and a meeting with the finish/deck contractor, i just didn’t have it in me.  and i forgot the camera.)  little did i know, a g.c.’s work is never done.

moving on to other news, the siding is going up and the house has all its windows and doors.  not that i can show you them at this moment, because i forgot the camera again.  i could make excuse by saying i left it upstairs after taking pictures to sell stuff we don’t want to move on craig’s list, but would it matter?  please forgive.  it is already near the door for tomorrow.  the first floor’s cedar is lovely, with knot holes and color variations galore.  we couldn’t decide today if it elicited feelings of the beach and northeast, or skiing and chalets, or cabins in the mountains.  any are great.  and the stair tower is being sheathed carefully and artfully in three colors of hardi lap siding by claudio.  he steps back to study every few rows and is enjoying the chance (i base this on his smiles) to make the house beautiful.  they all think i’m a little weird, but i think they like the house at least a little.

in other news, it started raining this afternoon, and the deck plywood for the roof porch has a few gaps that were starting to let in rain by the time we left.  after sitting down to a late (of course) dinner of pizza and wine, taylor and i realized suddenly it was probably worth the time to drive down there and tarp the roof.  our linen closet now empty, i have been told the house is dry and tarped.  tomorrow the framers and i will be there bright and early, for what may indeed be the last day of framing.  to cheer them along, i’m bringing muffins, and i lament that there is no extra coffee press & water heater to take along as well (though sawdust and coffee don’t go too well together).

i’m going to try to start using tags today, so don’t laugh if they’re incredibly dorky or boring or somehow a blogging faux pas.  this is all very new.  weird to me that i have something to write about every single day.

and even weirder is that we set the cool pool in the ground 29 november, and the first day of pier drilling was 19 december.  even with the hols, this house has been under construction for less than a month.  who knew it could be so fast?  absolutely no idea if the speed will continue.


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2 Responses to “just when i thought manual labor was over…”

  1. Christina Says:


  2. Vance Says:

    WOW looks great sorry I only check in once a week or I’d have known you needed help… put me on the next APB. I’ll bring a large wheelbarrow and Wanny. Still need to take you guys out for pizza pie and Amy’s

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